Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is Gannah/Wanda.
I wanted to add the continuation to the first blog that Asher/Ron wrote. God has been very good to assure us of his constant care. And the minute Asher said that we were going I had the quiet peace that this was truly God's plan for us...and in all the midst of all the decisions, the problems, the challenges and the excitement there is the indescribable peace that is beyond all understanding.
So one of my first practical questions is what about our stuff and we decide we can only take clothes and school books. We didn't want to put a bunch of stuff in storage so the process began of getting rid of stuff...which up till that moment I did not think we had much stuff. But I soon discovered that we had MUCH stuff, some that meant very little but then there was the stuff that was worth little but had lots of sentimental attachment and so the giving up, tearing away process began. Even tho there is emotion that goes with such things it is good prep for getting us ready to go. There is a certain freeing feeling that goes with all that. We had several yard sales which did not accumulate to any big amount of money but the stuff gradually disappeared. We did take some of the bigger items and totes and totes of some of our favorites to Micheal and Elizabeth( our daughter).
After the family trip then Asher built the box on top of the van. We had decided that each child gets a tote and their backpak. The4x12 box on the top of the van was for holding the totes and all the stuff we could pack in around that. So finally the box is packed and Asher is putting the last screws in the lid when we get a call from Jason and Nicole in Mexico saying it is too dangerous to drive in, that they want us to consider flying. That was overwhelming moments for me to think of all the downsizing it would further take to just take what we could for flying. So it was with much relief when in a few hours when they called back and Asher and Jason decided on a different, safer route!!
So now we have travelled the last 2 days and in a few hours our life in Mexico begins. We are so grateful for all the friends and family who are praying for us!!! I do not want to bore everybody but after our family trip we were at Rose Creek Village for 5 days and what a gift that time was. Thank you to everybody who made it a fun packed, love filled, pleasant,and truly blessed time!! The gathering on Sunday was amazing. Our friends blessed us, and shared memories and stories of how we blessed them and Papa Jeremiah anointed us. It was very special. God is good!!
One last of our fears about going was how could we get support for this big of family. God is good and has provided in ways we never imagined. I got ideas of how God would do it or particular people He would use but He has been very good to ignore that and to continue with His much better plan. It does give a real feeling of depending on God and I love the experience of really seeing God for our children!!
Papa did have a reality chat with the children last night about if shooting starts get down on the floor, etc. but it is so good to be able to assure them of God's care and it really does seem foolish after all God has done for us to be fearful of all the what ifs. Our God will take care of us in whatever way He chooses and we know reguardless of what happens it is part of His big plan!! So it is with peace and great anticipation of what our God will do as we leave to cross the border soon. And I am so so glad that true friends are never really parted because we are close in heart!!


  1. Let me just say that the gathering in Rose Creek Village that last Sunday was, indeed, an awesome thing. It was an incredible send-off for an incredible family! Shortly after a few opening songs, someone said, "If you would like to say anything to/about Asher & Gannah, now's your opportunity"...and it went from there. For about two and a half hours, people talked about them, without much repetition in their stories either!! I completely enjoyed it, because I had forgotten a few things myself -- such as Gannah began our little village store (in her own bedroom/closet, she reminded me later), and Asher had a hand in setting up every one of our mobile homes! He taught our boys (& men) to build, to plant, to harvest, to fix wells ...the list goes on. There was a Wednesday night meeting recently where we were reminded of the "spiritual work" of David/Ari, and Austin, before they were "sent out", and this Sun gathering was similar, except it turned into a full-blown celebration of all the pouring out of their lives Asher & Gannah had done through the years. "Tis the pouring and not the drinking". Thank you Lord for the examples set before us. I know that I have been reminded of their tireless efforts and sacrifices many times since that wonderful gathering, so I am especially grateful to God for sending them off in this manner! And for their completely safe and unhampered passage into Mexico....we give you praise, Lord!!!! May they be in our hearts and prayers every day -- along with David &Ari, and Austin. And those heading to Africa very soon. We're doing it folks -- sending out missionaries. Let's hope we all do our part in supporting them financially, prayerfully, and faithfully keeping in touch. We can all make a difference in the lives they touch by our encouragement. I'm saying this all to myself, so please hold me accountable to these words & ideas. The Finest of the Wheat has been sent to Mexico; may all their seeds of Love be watered, rooted, sprout up and bear fruit. Bless the Lord!!

  2. Whoops, have a p.s. Actually I just want to cut/paste a quote straight off Shammah's website, for this quote sums up one of the main points (Nathanael's) made at that gathering:

    H.A. Ironside (d. 1951)
    God is not looking for brilliant men, is not depending upon eloquent men, is not shut up to the use of talented men in sending His Gospel out in the world. God is looking for the broken men who have judged themselves in the light of the Cross of Christ. When He wants anything done, He takes up men who have come to the end of themselves, whose confidence is not in themselves, but in God.

    That is the manner in which Asher and Gannah have gone to Mexico!