Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Day in Mexico

Another day in Mexico is coming to a close. The men are working in the stone house even tho it is already 9:00p.m. Susan, Jason's mother is coming on thursday and there is still a good bit of work to be accomplished. Since the generator is going so the men can work Nicole put up the projector and we started a movie for the kids. My boys were excited about a movie because we had told them when we get to Mexico we wouldn't watch movies. When Michael found out it would be in spanish he was too tired to cope and just started crying. When I come in the room to find out what was happening, Rafael is sitting there crying too. I ask him why he is crying and he says, " I just want to make Michael happy!" That was real sweet, I got them both comforted and now they are snuggled together , sharing their blanket and watching the movie and not realizing how quickly they will pick up on spanish, adding this to their experience.

I continue to try to make our rooms homey and comfortable. They are unique but I like it. Once they get more done on the house maybe Asher will be able to continue his shelf building project for usits not the first time we had to wait for a more important project ..so we are fine.Nicole really wants me to take over the kitchen..of course I won't be able to do that but I do really like doing breakfasts and jason is really wanting to get away from sweet breads and crackers……the one problem at this point is the oven quit on the stove so there went the making homemade bread plan and healthy muffinsuntil something can be fixed. The part cost about $100 but Jason is really wanting to buy a big oven so we can bake more at one time with feeding this big of crowd…….but the oven cost about $600 and there are no funds for that so I am telling you all about it so that if anybody would like to donate to that cause it would be a big help toward making steps in feeding the children healthier food!! In the meantime I am still going to work at making healthier more filling breakfast. The littles are pretty tickled that I let them have a cup of coffee in the morning! It rained pretty good last night but then cleared off and was another warm sunny day…so when the sun shines we do laundry. Today we also decided that the 4 big girls need to each do their own laundry then they can take turns helping me with the littles laundry. Doing laundry has always been a favorite of mine so I am enjoying the switch. The washer we brought down is working great and it definitely saves on the knuckles. I remember how my hands and knuckles got sore last time because I was not used to washing by hand.

Well enough for now. Love to all! Our highlight is when someone gets to internet and we see who wrote us something this time…and the whole family delights in every word…so thanks again for your encouragement and supportand hope to hear from you soon!!


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  2. I can't tell you how delighted we are that God delivered you to your new home safely. You were definitely covered by a LOT of prayer. We still pray for you daily that God will continue to keep you in the shelter of his wings, that you might have the freedom and the peace to flourish there and spread the amazing love God has put in your hearts to everyone around you.

    We miss you terribly already, but our loss is Puebla's gain! Vaya con Dios mi amigos!!!! We love you guys!


  3. LOVED the antecdote of the boys/spanish movie/interaction. Darling!

    The larger oven sounds necessary. I'll be adding this to my list of things to ask our Father for!

    Love you all dearly!

  4. The movie thing was hilarious! I'd probably have cried too. Sometimes you just want something familiar when you're in a strange place. We miss you guys terribly! It seems very surreal that you are so far away. Love you

  5. I have the awesomest friends. I sat in a meeting with Shammah, his family and our family. The subject of the meeting was Leukemia. You would have loved it. Everyone was laughing and making light of things and praising God for other things. I have never seen a whole family react to such "catastrophic news like Shammahs . It is off the scale. And now here we go again with your mud slide catastrophe. I don't know why I might have thought it would ruffle your feathers. But there you are ,truckin right along as if not much happened, I have it on good authority that cleaning up after a mudslide is a BIG JOB.You are awesome. Keep praising God. You are the finest of the wheat and I love you all so much. anavah