Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another update:)

We are well, continueing to adjust and loving it but always frustrated too because we can't communicate everytime we wish. Yesterday was my(this is Gannah) first time where Nicole and Jason left for the day and I was in charge. Asher was here but left at 10 to go hoe in the corn field with all the boys and men here and didn't return till 2, was here for 2 hours then left again to go with the boys to cut grass for the even if in the morning I thought I would have Asher help me with communicating that did not end up being reality. God did give me the gift of Luis coming over and wanting to make lunch so that was great relief for me. The girls worked good and my girls were busy with our laundry and keeping care of little boys so things were fairly smooth except for these moments where it appeared like the big girls were torrmenting the liitles and having great laughs about it...I can't understand what they are saying and they thought it was a great joke when i said "no mas" but what really got me was I suddenly hear Roberto screaming and Mari and Natalia laughing so i go to see what in the world is going on and Roberto is running terrified and Natalia is chasing him holding a book with a cow on and pointed to show me that he was scared of it...I told her NO in no uncertain tones but had to take the book and comfort the boy...Nicole and I chatted when she got home to help figure out how to make it better next time and so she can have a chat with them.
We had a spanish lesson with Nicole this morning to get some of the phrases I need to say at such times so I am better prepared:)
Wednesday is to be their rest day so the whole village took the day off and went to the river to swim...when we got to the mountain to go down to the river it was quite a breathtaking and rather scary view how far down we would go till we could even see there was a river down there took us at least 15 to 20 minutes to drive back and forth down this narrow road, sometimes a frightful look way down:) but then we were there and it was a pleasant day...where we parked was nice shallow running over the rocks place for the littles and some of the mamas to be then a liitle farther up there was a deeper place for women and middle age kids then further up was a deeper place for the men and the girls who wanted to swim and it was fun for everybody!! Lunch was beans cooked ahead of time then a fire made there to heat tortillas and fry some scrambled eggs, then one lady brought some tamales was yummy and satisfying..then our afternoon snack was roasting those huge marshmallows over the fire then putting it between 2 cookies. A refreshing day just enduring the sun burn for a few days afterward:)
Tomorrow is children's church..Jason and Nicole need to go to another service so asher will teach the lesson and I will make the food for the multitude:) ....thankfully some women will come to and nicole already talked to one of them about helping me so I am thinking it should be more of the adventure of actually learning to communicate:) Last week was the first that Nicole was able to use the felt pictures.. thats a pretty awesome set, Dossie/Eileen!! Thanks again! So we are starting in the beginning and telling about creation, the children enjoyed it last week!! So there is the singing, then the story then coloring a picture then serving the lunch. Last week we shared lollipops with all the kids from the big box that Ms Donna had given to Rafael so that was fun. Now this week we get to pass out the fire balls that were also from Ms Donna. It would make you happy Donna to see their happy faces..I will tell Edith to post some pictures:)


  1. Hi dearest beloved Asher family!!! Oh how I
    Miss seeing your smiling faces!!!! Pray for you very often. God bless you with much grace to learn the you can teach me when I come. Love you all so
    Much!!!!!! Love, mala

  2. Dear Ashers, Jason & Nicole, and all who cook and eat in the Village, You will see $600 in your account today for the STOVE!!! I mentioned this need to a sister in the village, who soon sent over $200. From there, the family of God added their offerings and wow, we got it all. I believe another brother is even sending a large gift as well. BLESS THE LORD FOR HIS PROVISIONS!! BLESS THE LORD!!! We love and miss you, but are so happy you are there for these people. May we anguish with you, may His kingdom come and His will be done...Love you much, Hashachar

  3. Hi everyone! I miss you guys!
    But I think it's great what you're doing. I hope
    Everything continues to go well for you. I've
    been praying for you all the time and I know
    I'm not the only one, so I know you will all
    be fine. :) Tell Rafael I say hi and I love him:)