Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family Trip Before Mexico

Hey Everyone!! This is Edith:)
For those who don't know, we are on a trip up north visiting some family and friends. It has been great seeing everyone again.We started our trip up in Rhode Island where we got to visit with Liz and her husband Michael before we continued on. Afterwards we went to Maryland where we finally got to see our new twin nephews and Mariah(their mother)!! It was awesome; they're soooo adorable!!! After saying our goodbyes to them, we went to the family gathering on my Mom's side in PA. We had fun, and it was great to see all of our cousins again. We are now staying at my Dad's parents, and will be arriving home on Thursday. We can't wait to see everyone again!!! Here are a few pictures of our trip. Hope you enjoy:)

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