Thursday, February 7, 2013

 We are once again enjoying REAL milk! About three weeks ago, one of our cows had a bull calf, which Papa named Panda since it is so black and white:) The cow, Fina, is a terrible milker; she kicks and won't let her milk down unless the calf is nursing. So we have to bring the calf, let it nurse for a sec, then continue milking. When I did it, we had to do that like four times…painful. She does give close to two gallons, though, at each milking time; so mom has been making a bunch of cheese:)

We are also enjoying wonderful dining room space again. The supports for the ceiling of the dining room in the pavilion finally came out about 3 weeks ago! There is still a lot of work to do till it is finished: plastering the walls, putting glass in the windows, and doing the floor. As of right now, we've swept it out, set up the tables out there, and we are thoroughly enjoying the breathing space in the kitchen!

There are also a few new people here again, and a few have left. Alejandro went to  Village#2  in Tulancingo, and Teofilo went with a group in Mexico City. That puts our numbers at about 45. Eugenia is a twenty year old single mother, with a one and a half year old daughter Yami. They are from San Martin, which is on the way to Africa. At first Yami would scream if anyone dared to touch her besides her mother or uncle Benjamin. She now actually lets people touch and hold her if you have her attention; and she has become quite the entertainer, chattering and waddling around getting into trouble:) It's been a blast to have another toddler around!!!! Eugenia is quite the worker; sweet, silent, and cheerful with a wonderful laugh.

Mari Sol, a 9 year old girl, came about 2 weeks ago. Her brother Isaiah, who is 13, has been here since last summer. Another one of those sad stories. Their father is drinker, who beat his wife. After a really bad beating, she died a few days later; leaving nine children. Some are adults, not totally sure of all the details. After being abused by her siblings and relatives, Mari Sol moved in with her grandmother, who ended up sending her here. She is a lot like Isaiah: sweet, quiet, but smiles a little more readily then her brother. Right now, I'm training her to clean the bathrooms; she is a very obedient girl and a fast learner. They are working at enrolling her in school.

The weather seems to be warming up…We've had some totally awesome sunny days, between the rainy ones. We just finished up our pea patch, which was enjoyable while it lasted. We've also had a steady supply of carrots, cilantro, and green tomatoes, but thats pretty much over too. Over the weekend, they planted tons of chili. They have also planted cabbage, green tomatoes, beans, and more peas. We love to get things from our own gardenJ

The mason brothers are working outside the village right now on a building project for a brother in LaGallera.

The brothers are busy preaching and evangelizing…On Monday evenings they go to Huautla, Tuesday evening they go to Cuamila, Thursday evening to Chicahuastla, Friday evening to Cutzontipa and then Saturday they leave for the more distant outreaches and return on Sunday night…..Juan leaves for Africa where he stops at San Martin for a service on Saturday night then on to Africa for Sunday morning service and then on his way home he stops at Cuatepalcatla and has a service there and returns to the village late Sunday night. Javier and his wife go to Osomatlan , and Chucho goes to Comaxarco. Also a group goes to San Lorenzo.

Asher has had a cough since December before we left to the states. Finally after much coughing, a week with fever, and slowly declining he agrees to go to the we suspected their was infection in his right lung...after a week of medication its looking much better...Dr. wants him to take meds another week to be sure all is gone. His blood pressure is a little high as well...I WONDER WHY??:) Dr did a blood study as well and it looks good so Asher says it looks like I'll be kicking for awhile:) Thank God.

Thanks again to everybody for your continued support through prayers and letters and all. God bless each of you