Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hello from the Kids

WOW I cannot believe its been this long:( HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!! We took a trip to the US during the months of October and November. It was a good good trip!! We are happy to be back with our Mexico family and friends again.


Well I was given the task of writing about the New Year’s Eve campaign, so here it goes:) Of course we started preparing the food a few days ahead: pealing the green tomatoes for salsa, cleaning the rice and beans (we had to go through and pick out all the rocks and dirt), and the men cut up the hog that a friend of ours, Sergio, bought specifically for the campaign. They’re actually wasn’t much more than that as far as food goes. Of course we had to make sure everything was as cleaned up and ready for a ton of people.

The day of the campaign we all got up pretty early to get everything ready, and it didn’t seem too long before people started showing up at around ten. I actually think I enjoy the fact that people don’t show up on time on days like this. It makes serving ten to twenty people rather then a hundred or more at a time an easier task:) I was in the kitchen most of the day helping serve the plates. We had a lot of fun with it, and I was more than happy to be near the fire where it was nice and warm. I didn’t actually realize it was cold outside until we sat down for the service. Then I wished I would have put on a few more layers

Singing started around 1:30 and went on for about 2 hours:) There were a few different groups  that wanted to be a part of the music. A couple weeks back The Village got a drum set to add to the band that’s been forming. So of course they led a few songs. Jason started preaching at 3:30. The theme of his message: 2014- TALK LESS AND DO MORE TO BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD. There was about 250 people; it was a nice crowd.


Hey Everybody! How are you guys? I’m ok I guess. Missed everyone a lot over the holidays. We didn’t do anything here for Christmas, but on Christmas eve we sat on my parents bed and opened gifts that our sisters sent us. It was very sweet This last week we were a little busy with the campaign, but we had fun. I really enjoyed serving the food and keeping the tables clean. I also got a little out of my box and talked a little with some people I don’t know very well, which is like a never for me I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to doing that. Ok that’s and understatement. I am the biggest scaredy-cat when it comes to talking to people. That’s why it was so hard to write this letter:) Well I don’t know what else to say. Happy New Year!! God Bless you! Eliana


About a month after we got back from our visit to the states, an eighteen-year-old girl named Gonzalina came to The Village. She has two little boys, a two-year old named Carlos, and a one-year old named Irvin. Carlos is a little momma’s boy and will start screaming and crying when someone tries to take him from her. He has a bad temper. Lina (that’s what we call her) said that Irvin, the younger one used to cry all the time, but now that they’re here he’s practically always laughing. Everyone loves him and all the girls, and the boys sometimes, are always fighting over him:) Lina is very sweet and is a hard worker. She calls me Irvin’s niƱera, which means nanny. Every time he sees me, a big smile appears on his face and he reaches for me. On Wednesday, they went back to their house and will be gone for 2 weeks. I already miss him so much.


Every night Michael and I go down to the barn and give feed and water to the rabbits. There are 10 momma rabbits, 10 or 12 middle sized ones and one big male that we use for breeding. Three of the momma rabbits have babies and 2 of them are pregnant. Last night, one of the rabbits had her babies, and two of them died. Michael and I found them last night when we went to take care of them. It’s sad when that happens. One of the mom rabbits is mine. I’ve had her since she was a baby and her name is Cloud, because she’s a cloudy color. I like taking care of them sometimes, but sometimes I really don’t like going down there because it’s usually really rainy in the evenings. Love and miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you again…. Who knows when that will be Bye, Emily

Hi Everybody. Its kinda cold the 40s and rainy. In the evening when its cold like this people like to sit around a fire and drink coffee or tea. And they like to play on their phones.  My friends are Lencho, Ricardo, Rodrigo, Isaias, Javier, and Flore. Some days when the sun shines the solar water heater heats the water for the showers but otherwise we have to cut wood for the boiler. Papa bought me a real nice ax when we were there in the US to help with that work. Today the guys are going to the field to work ..I get so frustrated because I have to stay home and do school..NO FUN!!!!

Hi everybody!! I miss you and I wish we could make another trip:) We cant go back now because we are to be here with the people in Mexico. I am glad to be here with my friends Ricardo, Rodrigo, and Lencho. We have lots of fun playing together. Sometimes we play with our toys and sometimes we just run around and climb the mountains. Bye everybody! 

Blessings to all of you!! Thank you again for all your support, prayers and encouragement!! Love from the whole Asher family!!