Monday, January 14, 2013


Okay so we've just transferred our pictures to Google+... The link that will get you there is on the right:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!

We're back, and boy has it been busy! 

We had an amazing time in New Braunfels,TX!! We stayed at a really cool old historical rented house called the Waulheifer Haus(I don't remember if thats how you spell it:). These are the people that were able to come down and see us: Tabach, Hashachar and their girls came with Donna, Brian and Chasah, Ben, Elena and Jessica, and Brenden and Brandon. It was soooo good to see people again:) 

Brenden and Brandon got to come down with us!!! So the drive was a little cramped, but fun:) Eliana and I were super grateful to have them here…We've been planning on changing our room around and painting it, so Brenden was able to help us with that, which was totally awesome!!! We got to watch some of Brandon's videos of the recent weddings and other events, which we totally enjoyed!!!!! On the 31st, Papa got them on the bus to go to the airport. They had to make a few switches, but it sounded like they managed okay:) We loved having them, and totally can't wait till they come again!!!!!

On Monday, we had a New Years Campaign… We started preparing for it on Friday: hand grinding a ton of stuff for moli, making paper flowers for the tables, making sure everything was cleaned up, clearing out of the pavilion, and setting up chairs and tables. We made all the food Monday morning: 10 kilos  of mexican rice, a gigantic pot of moli, and two huge bowls of pork. We bought 70 kilos of tortillas!!!!!! There was a pretty big crowd, about 200 people, and pretty much all the food got eaten besides some moli. It was mom's birthday, and one of the brothers got up and read a letter from all the women in The Village to her. It basically expressed their love and gratefulness for her, which was really really sweet. Then everybody sang their birthday song. So she was very blessed:) 

So this next month will be pretty busy! One of the brothers from nearby, Brother Sergio, was  able to get like 10 boxes from Samaritans Purse for the children in the churches here. So this week some of the people from The Village along with Sergio and his family, will be visiting a church everyday and handing out gifts to the children there, also giving a bible study. In the weeks to follow each church will be given 3 more bible classes, so that will be lots of going back and forth. 

Thanks to all who made it possible for us to get up to the states!!!! We are sooo grateful!!!! Everything went safely and pretty smoothly! Also mom said to thank all who sent her letters and gifts! It was all very refreshing and again she felt very loved. Once more, thank you for all your prayers!!!!!! We can never say that enough!!!! We hope everyone is blessed with a Happy New Year!!!!!!