Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012
After an awesome trip to the States, we are now back home in Mexico! Even though some of the good-byes were hard, it really is good to be back!!! After living out of suitcases and totes for five weeks, is is also wonderful to be unpacking and putting everything on the shelves. 

Traveling went amazingly well; we only had to open the box on top once compared to twice the last time. About 20 minutes from home, we went over a speed bump too fast, causing the rain gutter on the top corners of the van, that the ladder racks clamp to, to break. It didn't come off or anything, but it did shatter the back right window:( Thankfully that didn't happen sooner:) 

We came back to rain and mud, which we were expecting…so on come the boots:) It was funny going from 90 degree weather to wearing a jacket. Today is nice and sunny though, and we got a load of laundry washed and out on the lines. Of course that was by hand, we aren't using the washer and dryer yet, since there is still no electricity. The guys said they would come today, but I don't think we've seen any signs of them yet:)  

For those who don't get Jason and Nicole's newsletter,  there are now 2 new boys here Antonio 13 and Luis 9, a young girl Laurita 9(Antonio's younger sister), and we now have two elderly men here Antonio and Alsencio. So there are some new additions to the family.

This afternoon Brother John came in with a cute pink pig trotting in front of him. I had seen some of the guys making a fire and carrying a big pot out, but I wasn't sure what it was for… So I've now heard that they are going to make tacos and sell them at market tomorrow… We had Brother John's tacos at a birthday party one time and they were the BEST ever!!!! I really like them; hopefully they will have good success tomorrow:) 

A HUGE thanks to everyone's kindness and love while we were there!!!!!!!!! Everyone made the trip very refreshing and encouraging. Thankyou all for your hospitality, provision, and donations; everything was as perfect as it could have been. We are all grateful that we were able to make the trip, I think we've all come back encouraged, full, and ready to get back to God's work! Thank you all again!