Thursday, May 3, 2012

MAY 3----On Saturday we had a big day of making tamales. Tamalas are not difficult to make just time consuming, but we all worked together and we got LOTS of tamales made. Then on Sunday we all went to the river for baptisms...the 2 girls here Juana and Gumer were baptized, the recently married couple, Jaime and Bacilia got baptism,  Jaimes' mother and Florentino from Africa....After baptisms the kids and some adults had fun swimming and playing in the water.It was barely sunny enough for playing in cold water but they still had fun!!

ON Monday we had a birthday celebration for the birthdays in May, which includes Jasmine, Evelyn, Manuel and Natalia, and Jiame from San Lorenzo(he's been doing a lot of work around here lately) was a fun party. We had tostadas( a favorite) and then had a 3 milk cake and popcorn bags for those who could still eat another bite:) Evelyn and Edith decided to have a contest to see who could eat the most tostadas...Evie won when Edith quit at 10 and Evie ate the 11th. The other fun thing was after everybody had a  peice of cake there was a smearing frosting on the other persons face going on...the kids had great fun, plus a few adults:) 

--Tuesday afternoon was a memorable afternoon for Asher.....he went to check on the bees and evidently did not have his bee suit on right and they got under his hood and started stinging him. So he goes down by the greenhouse to get away from them but they chased him there so he is taking off his suit as he runs down to the water swatting bees the whole time...he goes under water only for them to get him when he gets out so he went to the dark showers and shut the door and after buzzing around awhile they finally left and he came to the room and they started pulling out stingers....about 25 around his head and face and neck and one hand....I had been out with Nicole that day so I came home to a swollen husband, gave him some benadryl to help with swelling..of course that was no fun but he is fine and slowly the swelling is going down..........the bees are being pretty aggressive so we are considering requeening the hive...killing the present queen and buying a new one to put in will quiet them down.

The electricity is finally beginning to happen...after 3 months of promises:) A week ago a guy showed up and put a cross brace on the pole for the transdformer. Now again guys came to put brace wires on the transformer pole and also told us what we have to do to be ready for them to hook it up which is building a meter base pedestal out of concrete. Hopefully in a few weeks we will have electricity

And for those who did not hear yet we are leaving on a trip to the US in about 2 weeks...hoping to leave on the 19th of May and return the 24th of June. Of course we are VERY excited about seeing family and friends again!! We are  here almost a whole year...a learning year for sure ...hopefully the next year will be easier but wherever HE leads we will go and know HIS grace is sufficient. Thank you again to all the kind precious friends who keep us encouraged and support us with their letters and prayers.GOD IS GOOD!!!