Sunday, December 11, 2011

For those who did not find out yet...we are well now and out of quarantine!! How happy we are to be together as a family!! Friday was our big making donuts day...we made about 350 donuts.It was fun but was somewhat complicated by not having a warm house to do it in...the dough got so cold that it would cool off the oil and take too long to fry...they were ok but for us who have eaten our donuts before knew they were not the best. We did serve them with coffee on Saturday when we had the youth campaign and children's church...there were about 120 of us there. It was a good meeting...Bro Juan had a good message for the young people and they seemed very open and sharing. Of course I understood very little and kept myself busy with the little things of washing dishes and helping to serve and make coffee etc.There were quite a few of the Mexican sisters who pretty much carried the cooking. All in all it was a good day. There are no more Saturday services till our new year campaign on the 31st.
Children don't have school till after the 1st of the year so i am hoping to make it a good time to really get a bunch of school done with my children since there wont be much else happening then we'll have our break when Esther and her boyfriend come to visit us in January!! We are looking forward to meeting this wonderful fellow we have heard so much about:)
Today was another big day with some friends(12) coming over to make tamales for us and then we also included a birthday party for their little girl. Tamales were different than we make but kind was really hot and the other milder:) They are very sweet people and it ws very kind of them to want to make the tamales for us:)
Merry Christmas to all our friends.....more another day!!