Thursday, June 9, 2011

Latest Drama:)

It was pretty dramatic last evening with Evelyn...she was carrying a bowl of chips up the steps to take to the men for dinner and had a jar of valantin in her hand ...she tripped over the hose and her skirt was too narrow so she couldn't catch herself and fell, breaking the jar and cutting her hand...I look up as she is screaming I almost cut my thumb off and saw the cut laying we quickly wash it and grab a towel to slow the blood gushing out...Nicole and I with evelyn get in the van and hurry to town..calling the doctor as we go..evelyn was kinda in shock in first and crying but by the time she got to the car she kicked into doctor mode and quieted herself and took deep breaths then pracically said its my left hand. She told me later she was afraid that her thumb was messed up and all she could think at first was now she couldn't be a surgeon and that was why she was freaking out. The doctor was waiting for us..a wonderful kind man.......Dr. took 13 stitches...the reason for the major blood was because it hit an artery and he had to get that taken care of first. she bled a lot in the process and he encouraged us to get her blood seemed plenty thin. She was great..sometimes watching, asking questions, etc...they get done give us some prescriptions and only charged us $60 for everything...couldn't help but think how it would have been over a thousand if we were in the states. The cut was pretty deep and laid open but it wasn't right on her thumb thankfully and she has movement of all her fingers and thumb so that was a great relief. This morning she had to go in for a tetnus shot, but that was free at the government clinic. Nicole felt really bad but we assured her it was nothing of her fault and God's ways are always higher than our ways!!


  1. Wow, tell her I'm so glad she's okay! I miss you guys. Evelyn is especially dear to me, and I hope that God continues to show you guys more of His amazing ways! Love, Allison

  2. Poor Evy! Hope your hand heals up quick. Very glad it was not too serious on the damage side. Hey, gets you out of dishes for a bit:) Hugs!

  3. Glad it wasn't worse. Hope ur all having fun