Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here we are week is Thanksgiving!! How time flies!! Just less than 2 weeks and we are here 6 month already. God has been good to us..many difficulties and adjustments but He has been very kind and tender to us in this time.And thank you to all our wonderful friends who have been a wonderful support and encouragement...whether by letters or boxes or emails or phone calls or prayers or money...every little and big thing has been a gift from Gods own hand and we thank you once again for being sure we have felt totally loved and supported!! We pray that God will reward you and bless you!
Today was childrens church..there were about 42 children today and some of the mothers.Last week we had about 55 children. It was a good day. The children enjoy Nicole using the felt board to tell the Bible story. Last week we had made popcorn balls and had put on a movie...they all loved it:)
We got a new boy this week..his name is David and he is 8 years old.The usual sad story of mom doesn't know who the Dad is and now she has a boyfriend and she has a boy with him but he doesn't want anything to do with David so he is with the grandmother...its sad that at such a young age he knows about missing school,running away from another orphanage etc....So we will love him and pray that he discovers there is more to life than the awful one he had...Love does a lot!
This has been a rainy week which was great for the gardens..not as pleasant for outdoor living..but thankfully we all have plenty of jackets and warm hats and gloves. I am extra careful with Roberto wearing his hat because only a week ago he had bad ear infection...he seems rather sensitive to lung and ear problems. Hopefully with some herbs we can strengthen his immune system.
We are considering whether to get rid of the goats and get a cow....Asher doesn't make fast moves so we will see how everything falls into place:)
Jason has been in Tulluncingo all week working with the brothers there. He is coming home tonight.
We continue to work on our residency papers.. Asher started out to the City on Friday but discovered when he got to Tulluncingo that the paper work was incomplete , missing 3 of the childrens names so we need to redo them and on Monday Asher and Jason will go to Mexico City with the correct paper work and money.
More another day:)

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