Monday, November 7, 2011

A big thankyou to all who sent texts or birthday messages to Asher..was very nice. His birthday was a very interesting day!! We went to a village called Africa..I had a hard time convincing Rafael that it was not Abba's Africa..he couldn't figure out why we weren't seeing the monkeys:)LOL We left at 7:30 in the morning and got home about 8:30 in the evening....we only drove 40 miles but it took 4 hours to drive was certainly little more than a cow path and I felt totally shook apart till we got home:) The people are sweet but I still find such occasions rather unsatisfactory because of the language barrier..Nicole says it blesses them that we were willing to come so I am glad if they were blessed. I still think I am satisfied to be a stay home person for now..theres time for the going out after we conquer speaking the language:)
Now today Evelyn made a yummy carrot cake with lots of nuts for his celebration with the people here in the village...and Chucho wanted to do something special so he was going to buy I must go and get it all cooked and ready:)
Oh and for Emily's birthday we are going to the zoo and its the one teachers birthday too so we are going to buy a birthday cake to go with our lunch so that will be fun day!!
More next time:)


  1. Glad the day went well, Sorry for my delay in wishing a happy birthday to you asher. happy birthday emily. that was funny about rof and the africa. lol. you are awesome. love ya. praying for you.

  2. Hi Emily, this is Amara I just wanted to say Hi ...I'm on Mema's computor. I sent you a card
    and Miss Joy is mailing it. lov U Amara

  3. To Raphael: You are a sweet friend, so kind and gentle and loving. You are funny and cute. You also share with me a wonderful birthday, so that makes you extra special.

    To Mikey: You are stubborn, strong, handsome and have a good heart. You are sensitive. You put these attributes all together in a young man who is seeking God and you have a dynamic servant that won't give up and can be used mightily for His purpose.

    To Emily: You have a smile that will melt the hardest of hearts. You are a most lovely young lady. You are strong like Mikey. You must take what is in front of you as from God and you will become one of God's overcomers. You also give great hugs.

    To Eldora: You are gentle and kind. You are a servant and one who loves to care for others. You are in a place where God can really use you for His glory. Keep the faith and encourage the week. Make sure you find me when you come home for a visit and give me a hug.

    To Eliana: You are a silent competitor striving to be the best while moving under the radar. Keep humble and run vigorously God's race for you. God loves you so much.

    Evelyn: Wow!!! You are full of love and goodness. I see power in you and anything you pour your heart into. Go for it!

    Gannah: All the goodness I see in your children came from you and Asher. You are special to Donna and Me. We will keep you in our prayers always. We love you very much. God is storing up so much love for you. May His love continue to sustain you and your family.

  4. That was funny about Raffy!
    I liked what you said about staying at home and working on spanish! sounds like a good plan! Love you all sooo much!