Saturday, November 26, 2011

Edith, Emily and Michael are improving. They are not desperately sick and seem to be through the worst of it, for which we are thankful...the rough part for them is being confined to Grandma's is sweet how our kids miss each other...Eldora said I didn't realize how much I played with Emily, I miss her. Now today she was crying and crying because she wanted to play with Emily and Michael. Another cute thing was Michael telling Emily,"We can't go outside, we are corned.":) didn't remember how to say quarantined lol
The other thing we are in the middle of is our paper work...Asher and Jason went to Mexico City to talk to the lawyer and found out the $45@ person was only the initial amount to get the paper work could take as much as $300 more per person. Pray with us that God will overrule in the heart of the officials or provide what they are wanting from us right now.
More later

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  1. awww! about the kids missing eachother. LOL about mikey saying "corned!" i am glad they are getting better! love you and are praying for you!