Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To clarify on the books....especially Spanish. At the same time my children had to leave most of their books behind and they get hungry for good reading books, too. Alsoeducational books with lots of pictures are educational whether they can read them or some english ones of those are great as well.
Not sure what is of upmost importance to write today..we are doing well, not without stressful moments but all lives have that so in that we are rather normal:)
A cute moment recently was on Saturday when a group of 30 people showed up and wanted to bless the children...they had games and songs prepared and stories, they also brought lunch and bags and bags of food so that was all very sweet...but the sweet moment for us was when the one lady was telling a story and asked the children if they had a father and the littles all chorus together,"Papa Rey" :)
Saturday was a really full day because we had those 30 people show up without warning, then Bryan's mom and 2 sisters came and Victorias mom and brother and sister came PLUS we had a neighbor man who came to make us, women make the bread, but in Mexico men are the bread makers so Evelyn got to watch Mexican bread be made and found it to be truly interesting and the bread is so yummy coming out of the oven!!
Brothers are working at building more showers...2 showers for 30 to 40 people makes quite a line up in the evenings:) We are completing 2 more now but they have walls built for a total of 8. We heat the water with a wood burner but hope to set up 4 of them to heat the water with solar. As with times of construction there is always a mess so as thankful as we are for the extra showers we awill also be glad to be done with the mess:)
Have to go..more another day!!

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  1. Dear family,

    I am so glad that you are there serving God so that these children have a papa. Asher is a true papa through and through. Praise God that He has given Gannah a heart of a mother big enough for all of her own and more. All you girls get to learn to mother from her, the pro. What a blessing your family is to the village there. Michael and Rafael get to have little brothers there. We are praying for you all. May God grant you abundant grace for all your needs.