Friday, September 2, 2011

Hi friends! This week was time for running the half marathon at the beach that we have so looked forward to......Evelyn DID IT!! Edith had a great time playing in the sun the day before but got too much sun and was sick and could not run the half marathon so that was disappointing for her:( They all came home very sunbaked and exhausted...Asher and I stayed home to do chores and keep an eye on the village...we kept the 3 little boys,Pablo, Carlos and Roberto and our 3 youngest,Emily, Michael And Rafael. For their enjoyment we will go to SLASH next week(a pool with a slide) since they had to miss out of the beach. Altho for Asher and I we think we got the better end of the deal...we had work to do but the mental stress was less so it ended up being quiet, restful, and refreshing for us:)
Now Nicole has some busy days getting her last minute things done before she leaves on her trip for 6 weeks to the states. And she just asked me this afternoon what I think of 2 more girls coming...their stories are awful but where do you say we have hit our limit? Where do we turn into an institution because there are so many rather than a home? these are the challenging questions we face because there is no end to the need...pray that Gods Spirit will lead us and nothing but HIM. And then if its Him , His grace will abound.
Internet is not working in the village but when we get that up I will try to blog more regularly:)
With Nicole leaving we have all 3 of the boys again...Pablo, Carlos and Roberto:) was cute to watch Asher with his little boys while everybody was gone:) I do want to get a picture to put on the blog of Rafael riding on the horse while Papa takes him out in the morning to tie up for eating grass:)
And by the way, Michaels birthday is the 21st of this month...I am hoping lots of people will send him mail,etc:)
More another day:)


  1. Hey Michael, So you have a birthday coming up, huh? Papa Tabach's birthday is a few days before yours...he will be 55 on the 17th! I've lost track of how old you're gonna be...but I haven't lost track of how PROUD I am of you to be spending this birthday living in Mexico! And for all the times you share your mom and dad....and sisters....and for being an awesome big brother or good friend to children around you. And for all the chores you do to be a big help. I can see your smile right now while I'm typing these words :). So happy happy happy birthday Michael. You're a very special young man!! I love you, Mama Hashachar

  2. Evelyn, Congratulations girl on running that marathon!! Wow! Our hats are off to you, girl. Someone told me there's an app for I Phone users called "from couch to marathon." Guess I'll have to get one of them apps now, just to TRY to catch up to YOU!!! Woo hoo! Love you tons, Miss Hash

  3. Oh Edith I am so sorry!! You worked so hard! Great job Eve told you you could do it:) Hope you guys are doing great. I know you don't get to the internet very often but you guys should write me sometime:) and I'll try and write more to:) Love and miss you guys tons! Tell everyone I said Hi. Lena