Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 2 new girls are here...Juana is 19 years old and Gumercinda is 14 years old...they are very shy and barely look at us in the eyes but oh so hungry for love...the younger girl hugs very tight when I hug her and the one night I was working in the kitchen she kept peeking around the corner so I go to check on her and could tell she was begging for a hug so I hug her and stroke her hair and tell her "te amo" and she chuckles with delight and I say buenos nochas and she then is ready to let go and go to bed...its easy to tell they haven't had a good life and there is such delight in being privileged to love them both and give them a better life...and Dora comes to me and said she noticed that their shoes were wore out and someone had given her some pesos , could she please buy them I couldn't turn down her sweet heart so I helped fill in the needed pesos and we bought them shoes...they barely even respond but we know they are thrilled:)These girls are good workers so its a great blessing to have them here...I just couldn't figure out how to school and be sure lunch got cooked and tortillas done but now these girls definitely know how to do tortillas so I can totally put that in their hands so thats a relief...I am very german with my thinking of time and being on time is an issue to me but here I am trying to have a complete mind set change because time is not an issue here and even if we say lunch break is at 11 and food needs to be ready....well that hasn't happened yet:) I am trying to think differently rather than be frustrated:)
The new teacher for the older children came today so I am glad that need got met and I pray GOd gives her lots of grace and wisdom for this bunch of kids!! Its so exciting that they get the chance to learn to read......which reminds me of a particular need I thought of...I was organizing in the kitchen and put the childrens books in a basket...about a dozen spanish books and about 15 little english books......I couldn't help but remember the book cases full of books that I used to have at home and just wanted to put out the thought that even if a person only sends 1 book after awhile we could have a bigger selection....I had found several spanish books at the salvage store before I left and the kids love them!!! anyway just thought I would put out that thought!!!!:)
We are once again at the time of the month that it rains every day...we have been observing and have discovered about a week before full moon or even 10 days it starts being more rainy...rains every day and sometimes rains all day...but then a few days after full moon we enjoy sunny days`again with scattered rainy assured that was Asher that figured that out:)
One more little story about our little girls...Anayi and Victoria, both 3 years old....Nicole had sat down to talk to them the first morning they were here and this is what there conversation was......My daddy drinks and when he comes home we run behind trees so he dont beat us and the other girl says my daddy drinks too and he came home the other night and fell and his bottle broke and there was blood running everywhere...which was true stories so once again we are so glad these little girls do not need to fear daddy coming home and they need to hide
Must go for now...


  1. just to clarify, are you wanting books in english or spanish?

  2. Pictures of the new girls we would love to see! Michael and Patty Kane

  3. Love reading your blog Gannah! And so happy you are loving on those children! You and Asher are a Mama and Papa in Zion for sure!