Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mexico update

Just a quick update..I am so sorry we have not posted more. We were in the process of more when we needed to move to an orphanage and it ended up a tree had fallen on the line there so there was no electricity or internet.....And always the answer is manana as to when it wil get fixed:) the place is absolutely beautiful but it is not home so we are grateful for God's provision, at the same time we are very eager to get back home to the village.Only 2 of the rooms were destroyed(not ours for those who wondered) but there is much mud and mess to clean up and figuring out how to go forward. Its been a crazy week for Jason and Nicole with having graduations every day and getting Jason's mother back to Mexico City to fly home..they are pretty exhausted ..please pray for them. We have had some sun to be able to do some clean up but we are hoping to really hit the clean up by Friday. Hopefully we will get moved back soon, depending on the amount of rain we have the next few days. Thanks again for everybody's love and prayers and care!! GOD IS WONDERFUL

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