Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ITS A SUNNY DAY!! Thank you to those who prayed with us for sunshine...the sun shone the last3 days and last night it didn't even rain during the the mud is getting less smeary:) ....the backhoe fellow had to go do another job but we hope he will be back soon. In the meantime other jobs are getting the oven is here so they are building a cement shelf to get ready to get it hooked up....By the beginning of the week our fun with the oven begins...I have been collecting little things each time I go to town for making yummy muffins, cookies etc! We hope to go to a health food store about 1 and half hours from here some day before too long. Asher has also been working at cleaning the bodega ( tool room)...his creativity in finding space for everything is truly amazing!! Edith has before and after pictures to post soon.
The other big news is Pablo and Carlos are back... their mother had walked in about 3 weeks ago and wanted them back and there really wasnt much they could do about this time when she brought them back all filthy dirty Nicole went to court and got papers signed so they are hers till they are 13 so again we have lots of little boys running around.....The sad part of that news is Nicole was wondering if the mother of the boys was pregnant again so she got a blood test done and sure enough she is sad!
Again I have to go...we dropped off Deya and Javier at market to shop and now it is time to pick them up:)More Later

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  1. I really have to read your blog more often so I can keep up with praying for y'all! So sorry. I do pray for you pretty much every day, with effort and seriousness, but it's not always focused on the proper or current need. Anyway, I'll try to stay caught up.

    We love you, and we think about you even when we're not writing you.