Sunday, July 24, 2011

hey everybody

this is evelyn, we finally got our oven!!!!!!! this is a big thank you to everybody who helped us get it. we have done a lot of baking since we have had it and everybody enjoys it. so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Happy day! Beautiful oven:) I know people are in for many wonderful treats now! Love you guys! Sounds like your land is going to be better than ever if all the landscaping you mentioned happens. That's awesome. Will send chocolate chips with the next visitors coming if at all possible:) Love and hugs!

  2. Oh, good idea, Beth! Sending baking ingredients with those who go down. Anyone hoping to visit soon? My girls are certainly dreaming of it! Hadashah says, "Mom how long will we stay when we go there to visit? Can we stay THREE MONTHS?" :) Does she miss her friends, or what?
    Thanks for the visual on the oven! How large is it? and do you have all the baking pans you need? Mmmmm. I wish I was there to enjoy the Horst's baking goodies. Ya'll do have a special touch in that, you know! I am so glad you got the oven and can spoil the children there a bit with your goodies. :) Love, Hash

  3. YAY!! I am so glad you got the oven! :D