Friday, May 13, 2011

Called to Mexico

It all started when a group of us Rose Creekers were leaving for Mexico last December. We were saying our goodbyes in the driveway. Ms. Rachel commented, “Yeah, one of these times it will be you and your family. You’ll be moving off to Mexico.”

In Mexico, I noticed the needs. Jason and Nicole were very, very busy. Traveling to the villages, preaching, visiting, entertaining guests, and providing medical care pulled them away. A lot. Responsibilities while they were gone were shared by several young brothers and sisters. But there were no resident papa and mama; someone who was always there to kiss the boo-boos J, keep the boys focused on their chores, befriend the teenagers, and all the other things that papas and mamas do. Jason and Nicole were awesome when they were there but they couldn’t always be there. Some things were falling through the cracks.

Jason suggested at one point that it would be easy for us to move to Mexico, since I know Spanish and have experience living in the third world. I countered, “But I have nine kids at home; how could it be right to expect support for such a large family on the mission field?” He responded, “We’re a lot already. What are a few more?”

We got back home. Life settled back into routine. But people would ask, “When are you moving to Mexico?” I think Mala and Ms. Dossie kept the rumor alive; they were part of the group who visited Mexico and knew the needs.

Another thing that was holding me back was my job at the Evergreen Farm Dairy. The Hayberts had been very kind to me over the years. I had helped them get into the dairy business and didn’t feel good about just pulling out.

In February, Jason and Nicole visited us in Tennessee. Jason spent a day with me at the dairy. That very day, Walt told me that he was going to have to shut down the dairy. Interesting coincidence. I felt free to consider Mexico.

But I still wasn't sure. God had to take me through some particularly stressful and painful things with my family and work until I got the picture. One day I got it: I’m acting like Jonah. If I don’t do what God is asking me to do, this storm will continue and this ship will go down.

Yes, God, I will go with my family, to Mexico.


  1. To my dear Papa Asher,
    Your first post made me cry at the end. God is with you and our prayers and support will go before you. We love you and I will help you in anyway I can. So, do you have a place to donate money? Do you need help setting that up or did you manage that already?
    All my love to your whole family and your lovely, lovely, wife, Gannah.
    I will miss you all dearly.

  2. Oh my, I hope I don't always have to cry when I read your blogs. Thanks for sharing "your call" with us Asher. I told Othniel about it yesterday --- about you being at the dairy on a difficult day and the rain was pouring down and you asked God, "what's going on?" and then you had that thought of being like Jonah, running from the "knowing" in your heart that you belonged in Mexico. So you bowed your head and your heart and your life and said, "Yes, God, I'll go." Othniel was blessed to have heard it even second hand....I'm glad you have shared it here with everyone!! It is a good testimony, your giving-in to the God of the heavens and the earth, who has chosen where he will send you and your 8 children, while trusting Him with the other 3 elsewhere. What riches we have sent to Mexico!! We love you dearly and will hold you close in thoughts and prayers always. Keep your needs before us, Asher....don't be shy about that. there's prayer, and there's provision, and there's big mouths like mine to help spread the word. Gannah, keep a good journal going, even if you have to ask different ones to write in it everyday. You'll have the makings of a book I will type and get published for you one day! Love you much, Hashachar

  3. Thank You Asher for sharing your struggle and then overcoming. Praise God for Our Jonah. Love you and family. Praying for you always.

  4. Thank you Asher for having the courage to obey God. We love Jason and Nichole a lot. Please keep writing and tell the girls we want to hear from them too.
    And please get the "Follow" button and the "Subscribe" thing running on the blog. We want to keep up with y'all.

  5. Great post. Hope to see you soon.