Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9

Well here we are writing another blog after, what is it, a month? Anyways, huge thanks to all who made our trip possible!!!! We had a wonderful time with Samuel and his girlfriend Julie. Rafael ended up being fevered the whole time, so that was a bummer for him. It took him about two weeks to get back to normal though, and we are now happy that he's wanting to eat again:)

Anayeli and Liliana graduated from kindergarten:)
Last week was what we've started calling graduate week. We actually ended up going to only one graduation, but we attended 7 different parties. We've decided that it is also the one week out of the year when people must eat the most. It wouldn't be so bad, I guess, if you went to a different party every day. On Tuesday, however, we were invited to 4 different places. 'Full' doesn't even begin to describe it. We actually didn't end up eating at the last place because we knew we couldn't handle it. But three heaping plates of food in 4 hours can't be good for a person. lol Mom said she never wants to see pork again:) It's a great time to get out and see people though. So despite all the food, it really is enjoyable. Jason and Nicole were also here for that week. They did lots of visiting and going and spending time with everybody. We squeezed in a birthday party for Isaias and the teacher, as well.

Of course all the kids are out of school now, and hardly anyone has been up before 8 this week. However, Eliana and I have to do the morning milking so sleeping in isn't really an option for us:(

We're back to rainy weather here. Not an evening goes by that we don't get a downpour it seems. I've personally enjoyed going to bed with the sound of rain falling on the roof. With the rain the electricity has been going out sporadically, which has made us ever more grateful that we do have it.

Milagros in her new wheel chair. Doesn't she look happy?
Last Sunday a family connected with a rotary club in Villa Juarez came.  They had been here before and had it in their hearts to get a wheel chair for Milagros. She is the 4 year old girl that, because of complications at birth, is still unable to sit up, walk or talk. A couple weeks ago they came by with a dental student from Iowa and measured Milagros to figure out what size chair would best fit her needs. The dental student was here doing a research project for her doctoral thesis. She and her boyfriend helped pay for the chair. Anyways the family brought it Sunday, and Milagros and her parents were there to try it out. She seemed very happy and content, and we are grateful for the relief it will bring her mother. Alma, her mother, usually carries her around everywhere.

We have another grandma here again. She's very mild compared to some of the others we've had come through. Very easy to take care of, not demanding, or picky. The girls seem to enjoy taking care of her. She was found on the streets in Huauchinango, and had no one to take of her so she was brought here.

There are also 2 new boys here, Elias and Mario. Elias is 21 and Mario is 14. They both just needed to get away from their home situations for a while.

Love and blessings to all! Thanks again to all who supported us on our trip with prayer and funds! And to all who continue to support us, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Vicki graduated from kindergarten:)
Beautiful sisters

Tired after lots of food and a party:)

Emma Diana graduated from Junior High

Cute girls: Ruby, Sarah, Marisol, and Matilde

Stephanie graduated from middle school. With her Aunt Angie

The kids love Hermano Rey


  1. Dearest Edith
    I love the post.
    The pictures are sweet.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Love and miss.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated, Edith! Good to hear how things are going down there in Mexico. We love you guys, and can't wait to see you again!

  3. Dear Ashers, I love you all so much and am proud of each of each of you. Amen to all that everyone already gave you, can't really add to that. Please know you are not forgotten, I think of you often and pray for your continued and expanded influence on the people of Mexico for the Kingdom of God. Thank you for being our hands and feet in that nation.