Monday, June 3, 2013

Well, we're finally writing a blog again. I know it's been forever, and I'm sorry we don't do better with this!
Our last post said we would give more details on the baptisms, and we never did. So I guess I'll catch up on that... We ended up doing them in a deep part of the creek across the road. The weather had been really rainy and cold, so it wasn't a good day for the river. Over a hundred people were here, which made a pretty big crowd. 7 people got baptized: 4 men from Tulancingo, a lady from San Lorenzo Josefina, Blanca (the 18 year old girl in the village right now), and Jasmine.
Afterwards, we all came back up and had lunch. The brothers from Tulancingo blessed us with bread filled with either beans, ham, or chilies. They were absolutely delicious, and they didn't last long:) We also had bowls of popcorn and pitchers of coffee on the tables.
Stephen and Esther visited for a week in May. They ended up coming early, surprising my mom for Mother's Day:) (I guess I should say this is Edith writing). We had a wonderful week with them just being together. It was of course very good to see them again. They ended up helping us finally put plastic on the green house. About 2 months ago, it had gotten ripped off from some heavy winds.
The same week Stephen and Esther were here 5 people came from Heavens Family to check on further development of the widow's fund and the rehab program.  Their visit in our village was quite brief. They went  to Osomatlan one day, the next to Africa and San Martin and Cuatepalcatla and then Saturday they went to San Lorenzo and Los Colonias and then on to Village#2 in Tulancingo, returning to Mexico City the next day.
The rainy season doesn't usually start till the end of June but here we are at the beginning of June and its been raining 2 weeks already:) We barely had a dry season this year. Several good rains spaced throughout the dry season kept things green all the way through.
Last Friday our doctor friend came by with 5 other people who represented a foundation from Huauchinango. They looked around, talked to the kids, had coffee and zuccini muffins and then left. Later that day the doctor called and said that the foundation had approved and wondered if it would be ok to come back on Saturday morning at 8:00. We said,"Sure."
Saturday morning they came with bread for breakfast, 25 blankets, 5kilo beans, 5kilo rice, 5kilo sugar, 3 boxes of boxed milk, several bags of clothes, stuffed animals for all the kids and of course several bags of candy:) It was very sweet.
The doctor is a pretty amazing man. He runs a clinic in Huauchinango, is very active in his church, and right now is deeply involved in politics. He is on the ticket as vice-president for one of the candidates who is running for president of the municipality of Huauchinango. A municipality in Mexico is like a county in United States. He believes very deeply that we are on this earth to look after each other. That's why he is in politics, to show how politicians should be. One of the stories he told at breakfast was about a blind man in Huauchinango who does what he can to help the homeless folks around town with food etc. His question was if a blind man can do that where does that leave the rest of us??? Another story he told was about his daughter being with him on a mission trip to one of the mountain communities. They were passing out gifts, doing medical exams etc. As they were preparing to leave a young person showed up and asked where his gift was....they told him sorry they were all gone. But the daughter noticed that their shoes were trashed,soles falling off. She herself had on a new pair of name brand tennis shoes that her Dad had finally allowed her to buy. The question was was she willing to help?? She was willing! She gave them her new shoes!!
Our visitors visas expire on June 20....Brother Sergio is trying to figure out how he can get us residency under the civil association of the village. But he really does not have a clear answer yet. In Mexico to get the paper work done is more about having friends in high places than it is about following established protocol. So if nothing comes through here at the last minute we will have to leave the country one more time.
We thank you for your prayers as we live out each day...these were just highlights, not so much the daily details of the care of the cows, and do we sell cheese here or bread etc etc etc and schooling the boys etc etc Thank you for your support!! Blessings, friends!!!

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