Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10- I am home from Rhode Island after a wonderful time with my children and grandchildren there and of course Ron and MaryAnn:) It's been quite busy since I got back and a few changes....I will just copy a paragraph from Nicoles newsletter... Last week there was much change and transition that took place in the ministry here. Jason turned more leadership over to the nationals. This work will only grow and remain if it is overseen by nationals. I am pleased to say that they stepped up to the plate and things are running smoothly, in spite of the darkness around us. We are more than conquerors through Him..................
It really doesn't make a lot of difference for us..we are here to serve , so it doesn't much matter if we are helping Jason and Nicole or helping Juan and Bertha and Javier and Daya....so even if theres lots of talking and lots of emotion around us we just quietly continue to do what we can:)
The men have been working here on the land a good bit in the last 2 weeks..working on the dam and now working on the steps for the rooms that will go above the showers. Both are pretty labor intensive so to have 8 to 10 guys able to work has been good....and we just cook BIG pots of food and lots of tortillas:)
Its also childrens school break so this week the children went along with Jason and Nicole to Tulancingo to have some fun with the children from that church there...my 3 girls Eliana, Eldora and Emily also went along..today till Friday. So it will be quite quiet around here:)..but less workers as well:)
ON Sunday Rafael and Michael went home with a brother Everet(they have 4 boys) and they will come home tomorrow...Michael and Rafael love every chance they get to get to their place..they wish we lived there:) so its been very unusual for me..if anybody knows Rafael you know how very affectionate he is and cuddly and so loves his mama even if he's 5..so it feels too quiet and empty:) So for today Edith is our only child here so her and I are going out this afternoon to do internet and eat out and have mom/daughter time...she deserves it!! She had worked hard while I was gone and just in general is my right hand and serves a lot!!..so we will enjoy our only child for today:)
The day I got home from Rhode Island the cow had her calf.....a heifer!!! 3 cheers!! She is healthy and doing well....we have discovered the mother isn't too big on the milk production:( She seems to have enough for the calf but not extra..so that is disappointing at the moment....Asher bought some alfalfa hay to encourage the milk amount so we'll see if improvement comes.
So long for now......

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