Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19-Monday
Today is warm and sunny....we were glad because we washed 5 loads of clothes and hung on the line to dry...washer is to be done by Wednesday so that will be a blessing. I am glad for Edith's sake. Tomorrow Evelyn and I are flying to Rhode Island. Liz and Michael had a baby girl so we get to take care of them and Addie. We are very excited!! I am staying 9 days, Evie gets to stay a whole month. So please be praying for the children who could not was not easy to say bye to them and know how much they'd miss me. Please pray God gives them an extra portion of grace and especially Edith as big sister steps into Mama role for a few days..thank God Asher will still be there and promises to have lots of time with them to help fill that gap..I am very glad that we can cling to all of Gods precious promises and be at peace that all is in His control. I have left my kids before but leaving them in a foreign country is not as easy:( So I am counting on all our friends to join us in praying!!
To our joy the men were able to take a day to clean up the wood and clutter around the shower looks so much better:)
On Thursday evening Billy came to the village. the children were so happy to see him.He is living in the US, going to school. He came back to visit for a is certainly good to see him again. To celebrate his visit the whole village took a day to go to the lake and played ball and just relaxed and had fun..sad part was the sun hid behind all the clouds and the breeze was cool after we got there...we left the village to sunny sky and warm temperatures so we did not have enough jackets along. It was still pleasant and I am glad we had that fun day.
I'll be back after I get back from Rhode Island:) Gods blessings to all our friends!!


  1. Thank you so much for the updates and the pictures!

    We will be praying for your time in RI as well as for your children & the Papa while you are gone! So happy that Evelyn gets to go with you! We will be praying for Edith especially... What a wonderful young lady she is to lay down her life! I love you Edith! Wish I could be there with you to help :-( You Go Girl!

    Miss each of you sooo much!
    Hugs & Kisses from Brian & Chasah! Love you all dearly!

    Chasah Copenhaver

  2. It was great to get to see you Gannah. I love and miss you and Can't wait till June :) You are a wonderful inspiration to me. Give all the children hugs and kisses for me and thank you for sharing Evelyn. I have really enjoyed spending time with her. Love you all