Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is Wednesday...Esther arrived on Saturday good to see her again:) We had family day on Sunday...went to market, came a back road thta supposedly would not have machines working on Sunday so we couls get through but ended up machines were working and we had to wait 30 minutes at one spot for them to clear the road enough to get through...just added a little adventure:) Then we ate out by this beautiful lake before going to a beautiful rustic type only cost $55 for 2 connecting room with a big fireplace in the one room...we sure enjoyed the fireplace:)...they had no internet or TV so that was kinda nice too because we played games and enjoyed each other instead of having our eyes glued to the tv.:)
In the morning the girls actually got to ride a 4 wheeler so they were pretty thrilled...Papa wasnt too excited because he was sure nervous they would wreck:)
Tuesday Asher and I went to Get Ron and Mary Ann at the airport. We picked them up about 2:30, got food there and ate and had a great hour chatting and laughing and then talking the whole way so wonderful!! They are a delight to have here.
Today they got to go along and experience market now this afternoon most of the adults and children went to play soccer but we ladies Nicole, MaryAnn and I are going to Bodega to do the weekly shopping.
Gotta go now..more later:)

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