Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ron and Mary Ann and Esther flew out this morning...what a wonderful, wonderful week we had together!! Ron and MaryAnn both loved Mexico and MaryAnn was right there helping as much as she could....her and Evelyn bonded quickly and she was Evelyns shadow learning how to make tortillas and took a press home to try her hand at it at home...and she liked some of the mexican food...potatoes with green tomato sauce and just enough chilies to make it delicious but not too hot for us ones who cant handle the hot yet and then we do a baked veggies with broccoli,cauliflower and potatoes with butter and seasonings...even the mexicans like that:)
Nobody warned Ron when he went up to help hoe that he should not be in sandals and shorts because the biting flies will eat you up...he suffered many tortured moments from the many, many bites he got all over his legs. He also got a lot of blisters on his hands from the hoe. Later he was chopping wood and a piece went flying and smashed his finger...more blood and pain then to top it off on the last day here he was eating an apple and broke his tooth in the front...thankfully it was false teeth and could be super glued back onto the plate...he was a good sport about all of it and still wants to come back again:)....we had so much fun together...talking and talking and laughing a lot:) I always enjoy how Ron makes Asher laugh:)
The week was really busy because on Thursday 23 people came from Mexico City and stayed for the night and the next day...they were some wonderful brothers and sisters and with everybody working together we had a good time even with all the work of cooking for all those people and preparing beds etc etc there was 1 english speaking sister so it was nice to be able to talk to somebody and she then could interpret when wanting to communicate with the others:)
Then a sad thing on the weekend was Bryan(11 years old) running away...he is our one boy we took in from the state who has run away problems...he has disappeared at times for a few hours but never run away...after 48 hours he was found at a friends house....its sad when at such a young age they do not want to try to be different....so we have been through some tough weeks...the challenge is to be quiet and believe there is no bad that God cant turn around for good so we keep crying out to Him and know our love is not in vain even when it is rejected at the moment:)
Another wonderful thing is Roberto is back in the village!! His mom said he can come back if he stays with Mari and not us...Manuel and Javier(,Robertos brothers who just left recently) are telling her bad stories about us...which we are glad God knows what is true and we do not even have to justify ourselves...God will accomplish His plan and we get to rejoice that we are counted worthy to suffer for Him:) At this point I cant feel bad about Roberto not being in our room. at least he is in the village and I can hug and love on him..and he freely comes in our house to play
Asher says enough for now:)

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  1. Love you, Gannah! Thanks for writing, even though you're busy. :)