Monday, February 10, 2014

Highlights of January

So many events this last month so we will try to send a few pictures this month and just a few words:)
Jan 13 was a big day here in the village. Juan and Juana got married. Juan Carlos got to hold one of Mama's flowers so he wanted to come back and show it to"Pa":) He was so cute. They have chosen to go to his home town and go to church there. We miss Carlos but when they stopped by for a visit the other day he seemed happy and content with his papa and mama.

Then we got to take a field trip to the zoo. Everyone from the village was able to go except the Grandpa; Sofie came and stayed with him. After a fun time and lunch at the zoo, we and the people from Village 2 all packed into the 2 vans and Juan's jeep and went to the park...We had about 30 people in our van:) The children got to roller skate and run and play and Village 2 had brought pinatas for the children to break and enjoy the candy. It was a fun creating memories day:)

Edith has 2 new friends here in Mexico. Selena from Cuamila was 17 on the 19th of January. Then Sergio's daughter Brenda  turned 17 on the 26th,and of course Edith turned 17 on the 20th. So we 3 families went out together for the day. We went to Piedras Encimadas. It was  such a lovely day!  Even Asher was up there climbing on the rocks and being adventurous:) The children enjoyed horse riding. A few of the older teenagers also loved the thrill of the zipline, including Edith and Eliana, who both went upside down. It was a fun birthday for the girls!! Here's a few pictures to share some of the fun we had.

Javier and Daya's boy was born on January 14th. His name is Mateo(or Matthew) He is healthy and doing well. Their other son Luis is 4years old. He is so happy about having a baby brother:)

Edith was so excited to get a special  present on her birthday...Juan and Bertha's baby girl was born that day the 20th of January. She is healthy and beautiful! Their other children, Giovani 16yr, Ivan14 yr and Rubi 8yr are all very happy with their little sister, especially Rubi. They have not yet settled on a name for their sweet little girl:)

Angel and Alma's first girl Milagros was born 4 years ago but because of difficulties at birth she is unable to walk, talk or do much of anything besides lay there. So there was lots of apprehension as they anticipated this little girls birth. Again there were problems because the baby was laying sideways and the cord was around the neck but thankfully they were able to do a c-section and they are blessed with a healthy baby girl named Elysama. She is so beautiful. Milagros smiles when you lay her close to her sister:)

Its been a busy month with 3 mamas having babies but we are happy and rejoicing at God's goodness!! 
In the midst of all the life the Grandpa died. He had broken his hip so at such times it's a relief they can be delivered from the pain and difficulties. We hope his being here for a little while gave him a little comprehension of God's love.
Blessings dear friends. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and support. 
Asher and Gannah and Family

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