Monday, January 9, 2012

MORE NEWS:)...I just realized I forgot to post on here that we bought a cow!!! She has a calf so we are giving them some time to adjust before we wean the calf and get the milk ourselves:) We will probably wait till after the trip to the border. The calf is a bull so we will sell it at some point. The cow is also pregnant so for our $800 we feel like we got a pretty good deal!! She is used to only pasture, no grain so that is a plus as well. Time will tell but she does seem to fit with our situation. At this point we do not have a pasture worked out so Asher takes her on a walk up the road and she eats off the road side, which is decent eating at this point because things are fairly green. But it is time consuming. So thank you again to all the friends who shared money so we could buy this cow, continue to pray with us as we work out the details:)


  1. That is great about the cow!!!! I'm sure you all will be enjoying that good milk. :) I love you all! Wish I could come see you in Feb.

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